Tenancy agreement

The undersigned, Wibeco Vastgoed B.V.
(hereinafter referred to as LESSOR)
and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, born xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxx,
residing in xxxxxxxxxxxx (hereinafter referred to as TENANT)
intend to conclude a tenancy agreement governing the following:

1. the lessor is willing to make residential accommodation available to the tenant during this period by way of housing facilities.

2. This tenancy agreement is governed by the statutory terms of the tenancy agreement.

3. This tenancy agreement shall be effective for a minimum period of 12 months, subject to a notice period of 1 month.

4. The tenant undertakes to make the following monthly payments:
rent, at € advance payment for service charges at €

5. The below specification sets out the service charges referred to under point 4:

  a) Gas, water, electricity and cable.

  b) Property tax and water purification levies

  c) Fire prevention maintenance, equipment, central heating, boiler and garden

  d) Depreciation charges for soft furnishings communal areas and/or room

  e) Cleaning charges communal areas

  f) Administration charges, 5% of the total service package

  g) Use of washing machine, tumble dryer, cooker, refrigerator and extraction fan

6. The rent at € plus service charges equal to € shall be payable. Tenant shall not be eligible for a discount or have recourse to objection based on debt comparison. The rent is payable in advance on the first day of each month.

7. Deposit and/or advance rent payment:

  1) The tenant undertakes to leave a deposit at € on commencement of the tenancy agreement.
Outstanding amount €

  2) This deposit and/or advance rent payment serves as a guarantee that the tenant will fulfil the obligations ensuing from this tenancy agreement, or renewal of this agreement (and any damages payable by the tenant) to the lessor or his successor(s) in title.

  3) The deposit and/or advance rent payment cannot be used by the tenant to offset payment of rent during the tenancy.

  4) Following the end of the tenancy, vacation of the premises and final transfer, the remainder of the deposit and/or advance rent payment shall be returned to the tenant, subject - where applicable - to any deductions to cover the expenses of the lessor, to be determined as soon as possible. The tenant assumes full responsibility for any credit balance on the deposit.

8. Any price adjustments in respect of service charges shall be immediately implemented.

9. Pets are not permitted.

10. Extrajudicial collection costs, if applicable, shall be borne by the tenant.

11. If the tenant terminates the tenancy earlier than the minimum 12-month period, an administration charge of € 25.00 will be levied per month outstanding. No rent will be payable over the remaining months.

12. It is not allowed for the - LESSOR - to rent the room to some one else!

This agreement has been drawn up in duplicate and signed in Nijmegen,

LESSOR:                                                 TENANT: