Rental terms

General tenancy agreement (12-2008 v3)

governing rooms let by Walburg bv / Wibeco Vastgoed B.V.

Article 1 | Payment obligation

rental and service fees

1.1 The tenant's payment obligations comprise; the rental (payment for use of the premises)and an advance payment on the items, objects and services provided (the service charges).For objects with a “rijksmonumental” character there will be a 30% surcharge and for objects with a “stadsbepalend” characters there will be a 15% surcharge.


1.2 If the parties have entered into an advance rent payment system, the tenant should settlethe agreed price for therental of the premises in full and in advance before the start of the rental period bytransferring the amount due to thebank account of the lessor. Upon signing of the tenancy agreement, an advance payment of €500 shall be due. If theparties have agreed to the payment of a deposit, the tenant should settle the agreed price infull upon signing of the tenancy agreement.

annual rent increase

1.3 Statutory rent increases shall take effect on 1 July of each year. The rate is determined onthe basis of the rent policyapplicable in the year in question. The maximum permissible rate of increase is determinedannually by the Minister ofHousing, Spatial Planning and the Environment [Dutch: VROM].

overview of service charges

1.4 Service charges are settled periodically. The lessor undertakes to furnish the tenant withan overview of the relevantservice charges. On termination of the tenancy agreement, the lessor shall draw up a finalsettlement of service charges.

Adjustment advance payments

1.5 Monthly advance payments are periodically adjusted.

adjustment service charges by the lessor

1.6 The tenant undertakes to approve in advance any alterations proposed by the lessor inrespect of the items andobjects delivered and/or services provided, any cutbacks in or additions to the objects and/oritems delivered and/orservices provided as part of the agreed package and/or the method adopted for the calculationof deliveries and/orservices, provided that the alterations, cutbacks or additions proposed by the lessor aredeemed to be in the interest ofthe lessor and the tenant and that the tenant therefore cannot reasonably withhold hisapproval.

tenant’s approval

1.7 1.7 The tenant cannot reasonably withhold his permission for the proposed alteration, cutbackor addition if a writtensurvey reveals that 70% of other tenants have approved the proposed alteration, cutback oraddition and the ensuingfinancial consequences.

adjustment advance payment

1.8 In the cases referred to in paragraphs 1.5 and 1.6, the tenant also confirms his acceptanceof the financial consequences thereof and any reductions or increases in the monthlyadvance payment, insofar as said cutback or addition is in accordancewith the currently applicable provisions. The cutback or addition shall take effect on the firstday of the month following the date of the alteration, cutback or addition.

Article 2 | General obligations and liability of the lessor

availability of the premises

2.1 The lessor will make the premises available to the tenant on the agreed date.

2.2 The lessor assumes no liability for any loss suffered by the tenant due to the inability ofthe lessor to make saidresidential accommodation available to the tenant on the agreed date due to untimelyavailability of the premises or thefailure of the previous tenant to vacate the premises on time, unless deliberate intention orgross negligence on the partof the lessor can be proven.

2.3 The lessor assumes no responsibility for any disruption or nuisance (disruption of quietenjoyment under the tenancy agreement) caused by third parties.

Default energy companies

2.4 The lessor assumes no liability for energy companies remaining in default of any obligationin respect of the delivery of services.

Article 3 | General obligations of the tenant

direct debit mandate

3.1 If the tenant has chosen to pay the rent and service charges by direct debit, the tenantshall issue the lessor with adirect debit authorisation and transfer the rent and the advance service charges owed beforethe first day of each month to the bank or giro account of the lessor.


3.2 If the parties have selected payment by direct debit, the tenant shall pay a deposit uponsigning of the tenancy agreement. The amount of the deposit is set forth in the tenancyagreement. Restitution of the deposit will be effected ontermination of the tenancy agreement. No interest is accruable on the deposit.

3.3 Any amounts owing to the lessor will be deducted from the repaid amount.

deposit offset by the tenant

3.4 The tenant is not entitled to offset the deposit against one or more payments.

3.5 The premises are intended to be used exclusively by the tenant who has signed the rental agreement. The tenant declares for the purposes of this tenancy agreement to elect domicile in the rented premises.

3.6 The tenant is obliged to keep the rented premises - including communal areas -clean and tidy.


3.7 The tenant undertakes not to keep pets in the rented premises.

nuisance to neighbours

3.8 The tenant undertakes not to commit nor permit (by visitors) any nuisance in or upon therented premises.


3.9 The tenant shall only be entitled to sublet the rented premises to third parties, or make therented premises availableto third parties, either in full or in part, with the prior written permission of the lessor

inspections/maintenance work

With a view to monitoring the tenant’s compliance with his obligations ensuing from thistenancy agreement, the tenant shall enable the lessor to enter the premises following a request to this end. The lessor and the tenant shall arrange a suitable date and time for the inspection. Where possible, the lessor will give due consideration to the tenant’s interests in accordance with the requirements of reasonableness. In urgent cases, no consultation shall take place, and the tenant undertakes to facilitate immediate inspection of therented premises. In the event of an emergency, the lessor reserves the right to enter the rented premises forthwith, including in the tenant’s absence.


3.11 After the termination of a room the tenant will allow visits of the lessor for inspections at alltimes.

Corridors and escape routes.

3.12 By order of the fire brigade, corridors and escape routes ( escape stairs) should be kept clear at all times and should not be used as storage space for goods. The tenant undertakes to keep corridors and escape routes free from bicycles, furniture, clothes horses or other obstacles. Any items belonging to the tenant that are left unattended in corridors shall be removed without prior warning

Article 4 | Work carried out (solely) by the lessor and/or third parties

4.1 Any maintenance, repair and replacement work, and/or cleaning of communal areas shallbe exclusively effected bythe (intervention) of the lessor. Any cleaning or maintenance work conducted for the accountof the tenant shall becharged to the tenant as ancillary deliveries and services. Any maintenance and repair chargesin respect of ancillarydeliveries of and services to items made available to the tenant by the lessor (includingwashing machines and tumbledriers) conducted for the account of the tenant shall be charged to the tenant as ancillarydeliveries and services.

access to the rented premises

4.2 In the event that the lessor wishes to investigate the necessity or desirability of havingwork carried out to the rentedpremises or the entire building - of which the rented premises form part -, and in the eventthat the lessor actually wishesto have suchwork carried out or to rectify defects or to make the necessary preparations thereto,the tenant shall enable the lessor or any person appointed by or on behalf of the lessor toenter the premises following arequest to this end, without receiving any services in return.

performance of work

4.3 The tenant shall permit all maintenance and/or repair work deemedessential to the rented premises and/or communal rooms.

4.4 The tenant is expected to tolerate any inconvenience during the performance of suchwork.Tenant shall not be entitled to any reduction in rent or any reimbursement of costs due to theaforementioned work beingcarried out to the rented premises and/or communal areas.

Article 5 | Liability of the tenant and obligation to provide information

Liability of the tenant

5.1 The tenant is liable for any damage caused to the rented premises during the period of thetenancy agreement whichcan be attributed to any negligence or failure to fulfil any obligation in the tenancy agreementon his part.

damage caused by residential communities

5.2 With regard to the communal areas, and also with regard to the facilities and equipmentcontained therein, the tenantis held jointly and severally liable, along with the other members of the residential community

5.3 The lessor shall have any damage for which the tenant is held liable repaired. The costsassociated therewith shallbe borne by the tenant.

Article 6 | Alterations to the premises by the tenant

changes and additions

6.1 The tenant shall only be entitled to effect alterations to the interior of the rented premisesif they can be returned to their original state at the end of the tenancy and the costsassociated therewith are negligible. Any alterations that cause danger, nuisance or inconvenience to the tenant, the lessor or third parties shall under no circumstances be permitted.

undoing alterations

6.2 Any alterations effected by the tenant to the interior of the rented premises without thepermission of the lessor or thatare in conflict with the terms and conditions of the lessor shall be undone by the tenant at thelessor's request.Should the tenant remain in default of this obligation ensuing from his tenancy, the lessor shallundo the alterations. Thecosts associated therewith shall be borne by the tenant.

Article 7 | Termination of the agreement

termination by the tenant

7.1 The tenant may terminate the tenancy. Notice of termination must be given in writing andbe subject to a noticeperiod of one month. A notice of termination shall only be valid if confirmed in writing by thetenant. If the tenantterminates the tenancy earlier than the minimum 12-month period, the provisions of article 2of the tenancy agreement.

Article 8 | Vacation of the premises at the end of tenancy

state of the rented premises at end of tenancy

8.1 The tenant is obliged to vacate the rented premises by 12.00 noon on the last working daybefore the end of tenancy.The accommodation and all facilities, equipment and the inventory must be left completelyempty and clean and in thesame good condition as at the commencement of the rental period. At the end of the tenancyagreement, the tenant isobliged to make undone any alterations or additions to the premises and repair any damagecaused by such alteration oraddition, and to repair any other damage for which he is liable.

returning keys

8.2 The tenant shall return the keys to the lessor by 12.00 noon on the last working datebefore the end of tenancy.


8.3 All movables must be in a good state of repair.

abandoned property

8.4 Any property left in the rented premises at the end of the rental period passes to the lessor,without the lessor beingaccountable to the tenant and without the lessor being obliged to retain such items.The lessor is entitled to have such property removed for the account of the tenant. The lessorassumes no liability for anydamage to or loss of such property.

End of tenancy and end of tenancy report

8.5 The tenant must contact the lessor in good time by the end of the tenancy agreement toagree a final transfer date. The rented premises will be transferred in the presence of the lessor and thetenant.The tenant and the lessor shall the inspect the rented premises and draw up an end of tenancyreport for the account ofthe tenant in respect of any repair and/or cleaning work requiredto return the rented premises to a satisfactory state of repair.

repairs by the lessor for the account of the tenant

8.6 If the tenant has not fulfilled any obligation to repair or clear the premises on the lastworking day of the month,the lessor has the right, without giving notice of default, to carry out or have carried out all thenecessary work to this endfor the account of the tenant.

binding decision of the lessor

8.7 If the tenant has not fulfilled his obligations under paragraph 1, has failed to contact thelessor in good time to agreea final transfer date, or if the tenant is not present on the transfer date or fails to lend his fullassistance drawing up theend of tenancy report, the lessor shall make a binding decision on the state of the rentedpremises and the movablesspecified on the inventory list, and determine the costs charged to the tenant to return thepremises to its original state.